For our Year End Educational Event, the Studio hosted a series of Master Classes Performances in Collaboration with the Byron Nelson High School Choral Department. This gave several students an opportunity to showcase their work to their peers and to discuss their experiences in the studio, and an opportunity for the BNHS choirs to see Ms. Himes and her students interact. 

The atmosphere in this endeavor was warm, inviting and informal.  We had a blast and the students, when taking their turns to speak about their experiences, did so quite freely.  The videos are unedited (!!) and often either quite profound and/or humorous. 

Rodney Thompson, 2018 Graduate of Keller Central High School, Attending Oklahoma City University to Study Acting with a Vocal Performance Emphasis
“Humbleness is key.”

Emily Chippendale, Graduating Byron Nelson Senior, attending the University of Oklahoma, pursuing Music Education

”One of the cool things about Ms. Himes is when you don’t understand something and you give her that blank stare, she’s like ~ let’s try something different!”

Himes’ Favorite Quote: ”Once you start singing songs about angry sorceresses you’re good to go!!”

Molly Glueck, Graduating Byron Nelson Senior, attending Texas Tech University, pursuing Musical Theatre

”Ms. Himes has taught me things I had know idea I was able to do.”

Whitney Stonecipher, Byron Nelson Junior

”Something amazing about taking with Ms. Himes is that she not only builds you as a singer, but also your mentality behind your singing. Because if you are not set up in the right place mentally to sing, you are not going to be able to perform how you want to.”

Rebekah Wells, Byron Nelson Junior

”I’ve always had a breathy voice...Ms. Himes recognized there might be something wrong...and there’s no way I could have sung what I just did without her help.”

Himes’ Comments on Vocal Fold Polyps (with Rebekah’s permission)

Hannah Stauss, Byron Nelson Junior

”I have made leaps and bounds with her, and I am more confident that I know what I am doing.”

Himes’ Favorite Quote: “It was a TERRIFYING email!!!”

Lucas Streanga, Byron Nelson Junior

Laura Tapia, Byron Nelson Junior

Isaak McGuire, Byron Nelson Junior

Morgan Elliot, Byron Nelson Sophomore

”She helps me with more than just choir!”

Ellie Bunn, Byron Nelson Sophomore (and perfect example of what to do when the pianist’s iPad malfunctions!)

”It’s so much more than voice!”