“Art and life are not two separate things.” ~ Felix Mendelssohn 
So many young people have an image of Classical Singing as this weird thing that happens in some place dark and mysterious inside the head and mouth that  no one really understands or can explain. Seriously.  Ask a teen fighting their way through the All State Process trying to balance vowels and diction to explain it to you.  It makes their heads spin! :) 

Mrs. Himes is what is known as a Functional Voice Teacher.  This means that understanding HOW and WHY a sound is made, and how to make the sound again on your own, is more important than just making the sound once in a lesson. In the Himes Studio, Classical Singing is EASY and FUN! 

The needs of the Classical Singer may include:
  • Vocal Strength and Balance Training
  • Resonance Training (where does this go in my face!?)
  • Breath and Posture work
  • Diction for all languages sung
  • Range extension
  • Priority is placed on tone
  • Vocal Flexibility
  • Dynamics and Phrasing
  • Artistry 
  • Competitive Strategies 
  • Anxiety Management
  • Vocal Health Management 
  • All State Repertoire 
  • Solo/Ensemble Repertoire
  • Other needs as determined by each individual’s endeavors