“It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap!” ~ Wicked

“Musical Theatre” encompasses a very wide range of shows, time periods, characters and singing styles. The requirements of the Musical Theatre singers can be “legit” ~ which is much like a classical sound, a contemporary mix/belt ~ which is generally like pop music, rock styles, hip hop, character voices and more.  The Himes Studio is the place for Musical Theatre Styles training in a vocally healthy framework!

The emerging Musical Theatre Artist’s needs may include:
  • Vocal strength and flexibility training
  • Reducing tension in singing
  • Expanding the range
  • Breath management in singing
  • Belt, mix, head, chest, falsetto (OH MY!!!)
  • Articulation and diction
  • Vocal health management
  • Understanding of “type” and other musical theatre terms 
  • Character Study
  • Acting through song
  • Repertoire selection 
  • Building of a repertoire book
  • Anxiety management
  • Performance art and styles
  • Other needs as determined by each individual’s performance interests