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The Summer of Singing Adventurously 2013


The students who participate in the Summer Intensive Study take on an ambitious endeavor! They choose 4 songs, 3 of which must be a combination of Classical and Musical Theater repertoire which is eligible for competitions and college auditions. The 4th is a "freebie" and may be chosen from any style.  Students are encouraged to try different styles, ranges, time periods and languages beyond their usual choices.  They have 5 lessons and two rehearsals in which to put together their recital program.  Congrats to these ladies on an intensive, adventurous, competitive endeavor!


Emily Hoskins, Incoming Senior

"The Music that Makes Me Dance"


"Un bocconcin d'amante"


"100 Easy Ways to Loose a Man"


"Let's Start Tomorrow Tonight"



Clare Nelson

"The Girl in 14G"


"In Dem Schatten meiner locken"


"Vedrai, Carino"



Nicole Nielsen, Incoming Sophomore


"Bride's Lament"


"None but the Lonely Heart"

"Children of the Wind"


"Song for You"



Marium Hameed, incoming Junior ~

Amor y odio




"And So It Goes"


"I Got Rhythm"


Makinna Hardy, Incoming Junior

"Crossword Puzzle"



"Stizzoso, mio stizzoso"


"Not a Day Goes By"


"Hit Me With a Hot Note"


Sloan Scott, Incoming Junior




"What Love is This?"


"On My Own"