If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music. 

~Gustav Mahler, Austrian composer and conductor

* For video testimonials, please go to the Student Performances tab, to Byron Nelson Master Class Performances and Studio Experience Comments. The students are both entertaining and informative! 


I have worked with Kelly Himes both as a professional voice instructor, and as an instrumental musician for a better part of the last decade. During this time, I have seen students in her studio excel in all genres of vocal performance, not just classical as so many of her colleagues solely focus on. Mrs. Himes is also unique as she focuses on the whole singer, not just their repertoire. A true pedagog, her background in speech pathology is also a huge benefit to her students. A willing attitude and the desire to grow is all it takes for Mrs. Himes to open up her students and uncover their "best voice."

Jen Randall, Head Director, Mitchell High School, Mitchell, South Dakota; founder of Voices of Central at Central High School in Keller, Texas

After accompanying many coachings for Kelly Himes' students and witnessing her pedagogy first-handedly, I can safely say she is one of the most gifted and effective vocal teachers I know.  Her passion towards life, music, and people, which is greatly effused in each teaching session, is contagious for both the kids and the pianist.  This combined with a prowess of getting the desired result, whether it be technically, musically, or theatrically, is mesmerizing to watch.  Her comments are consistently well timed and well delivered.  Her critiques are also aptly suited to the individual and his or her personality.  Furthermore, her ceaseless creativity and strong musicianship renders each suggestion weighty and full of transformational insight.  It is no surprise Kelly's singers develop quickly, yet stay balanced artistically, and that many of her past students have won superior awards.  Most importantly, however, is her compassion and tireless commitment to her students, pianists, and colleagues.  It is conspicuous, inspiring, and conducive for memorable experiences when working with her.  I have been blessed with many of those myself - Thank you, Kelly!
Stanton Nelson, Collaborative Pianist, MM, University of Michigan

One of the best things to come out of my daughter Sarah's change in high schools was that it lead us to Kelly Himes.  Kelly is everything that you would want in a vocal trainer.  A priority that I had as a parent was to help Sarah learn vocal health.  Kelly couldn't be a more perfect fit.  Her lessons are always peppered with ways to protect her instrument. I attended one lesson where Sarah sang for about 5 seconds and Kelly shut it down and began asking her how she was feeling. Kelly ended the lesson and placed Sarah on vocal rest.  Two days later, Sarah came down with a cold!   Kelly doesn't just teach my daughter how to sing a song. She has helped her understand what makes a good song choice and the importance of understanding the meaning of music.  The growth Sarah has had over her time with Kelly is truly amazing.  I may have learned a thing or two too!
Lisa Zimmerman, mother of Sarah Zimmerman from Eaton High School

Singing became a daily challenge, and I was struggling to perform in the show without being in constant pain and discomfort.  I completely lost my voice at the end of the show’s run since I had been incorrectly compensating to keep performing.  After seeing a series of doctors to diagnose the original problem, voice therapy was recommended to retrain my vocal muscles and to give them the strength that they used to have.  Although it seemed daunting, meeting Mrs. Himes turned my struggle around!  It was a long journey lasting almost a year, but I successfully recovered and she even worked to get my voice back to a better place than where it was before I got sick.  Mrs. Himes made me a more informed, healthy singer!  Looking back, I was extremely lucky to meet Mrs. Himes because she not only corrected and strengthened my vocal muscles, she taught me how to successfully fight through an obstacle and not give up when something seems impossible to overcome!
Jessica Owston, Graduate of The Himes Studio, studying Musical Theater at Auburn University

I had the privilege of working with Mrs. Himes for all four years of high school. Coming into the studio my freshman year was taunting, as I knew Mrs. Himes’ high level of expertise and was unsure if I would ever be able to match her expectations. However, her vast knowledge of vocal technique increased my vocal ability, which dramatically increased my confidence. Mrs. Himes encouraged me to accomplish tasks that I never believe I could.

Mrs. Himes is truly a rare kind of teacher and woman. She is not only a passionate and professional teacher, but is also genuinely interested in getting to know her students well – ultimately leading to mutual trust and respect. I strongly recommend her to all singers of all skill levels. I now look forward to participating in vocal performance groups throughout my time in college. I am sure Mrs. Himes’ brilliant work and advice will continue to guide me into future success. I am forever grateful to have been a student of hers!

Ambriehl Turrentine


    •    Attending University of Missouri

    •   Studying Broadcast Journalism


Kelly Himes!  What an extraordinarily talented woman!

Kelly is a ‘tour de force’ who has an amazing voice – what a range of octave and color!  She is a consummate entertainer who relates well to others whether on stage or in private instruction.  Kelly is a ‘Super – Mom’ juggling a myriad of activities and schedules and yet she finds time for her passion – Music!  It has been my privilege to work with her for nearly 15 years and I can assure you – Kelly is educated, gifted and unique in our field!

Shaunna Fuller, Director of Traditional Worship, White’s Chapel UMC


Mrs. Himes is such a lovely person and it was amazing working with her during my high school career.  She knows how to push you to become a better singer, and to inspire you to not only think about the music you’re creating, but also why the piece was created and the meaning behind it all.  One of the greatest things I’ve realized throughout my time with Mrs. Himes is that while she’ll help you to achieve things you couldn’t possibly imagine, she will never overwhelm you with things you don’t understand.  She’s like a mom and teacher in one—she cares deeply for all of her students, and the sense of love and optimism that comes from her teachings is inspirational and breeds confidence as young singers become performers.  She is the most knowledgeable person I know about the voice, and if I have questions about what’s going on, she always has an answer!  There really aren’t enough words to describe this beautiful, silly, loving, intelligent, knowledgeable, happy teacher, and if you have the chance to work with her, you should count yourself lucky!

Emily Hoskins, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, Studying Vocal Performance at TCU


Kelly Himes is an incredible woman! I was fortunate enough to walk up to the table of voice teachers on Super Saturday and get my daughter, Amanda signed up with her for voice lessons after Amanda made it in the first Scarlet show choir group at Central High School. Little did I know at the time, the blessing in this union of student and teacher! Kelly knew from the beginning that Amanda's voice was not quite right and that she had been improperly using it. She was a typical middle school girl who loved to scream at the slightest thing that made her happy! As they started to work together, Kelly urged me to have her vocal cords looked at but in the mean time, she was retraining Amanda in how to use her everyday voice. This is something most people don't even think about! By the time we finally had her seen by a doctor, it turns out Amanda had nodules. The care, time and effort that Kelly put into Amanda was nothing short of astounding! It has been 4 years of ups and downs but Kelly has been there for every step of Amanda's vocal health (and more!). Even after realizing that music was not apart of Amanda's future after high school, Kelly was still concerned about Amanda's vocal health since she wants to be an elementary school teacher. Can't thank you enough for taking care of my girls (she had my oldest daughter for a year and she still has my youngest daughter!)!!!  

Judy Buchholz, mother of Katie (studying dance at Bellhaven University), Amanda (Dream Center, Los Angeles) and Angie (current student)

Mrs. Himes has been such a joy to work with. Not only is she my teacher but she is like a second mother to me. Though I only had her for three years it feels as though I have been working with her all four years of my high school career. My first year I was pretty nervous to work with because I am a very shy and timid girl when you first meet me and it was hard to find music that fit me because I wasn’t that open, but Mrs. Himes changed all of that. By my second year Mrs. Himes’ and I relationship was full of fun, laughter and hard work. She knew when I stepped into her room what styles I was comfortable singing and help me grow as a singer. The best thing about Mrs. Himes is that she is very easy to talk to. I could go to her for anything and everything that happens in my life and know that I have a shoulder to cry on when I’m stressed or sad. She truly is there to help her students grow not just as singers or performers but as people too. I could not net be where I am today without her help along the way these past three years. She truly is an amazing teacher!

Susan Garza, CHS and Himes Studio graduate, studying History and Education at Texas Tech

We really don’t have words to express our gratitude for all that Kelly has done for our daughter Clare. Clare was fortunate to have Kelly as her voice teacher all four years at Central High School. With Kelly’s expert guidance, Clare achieved a level of excellence in her singing that has provided her the opportunity to be a member of both the Oklahoma State University Concert Chorale and the Chamber Choir. Kelly and Anton paved a structured path of success for Clare. Under Kelly’s guidance, Clare learned that anything is possible with hard work and passion.  Over these past four years, we watched our daughter grow vocally from a somewhat shy and quiet girl into a self-assured and goal-directed young woman. Kelly is no tonly a wonderful teacher and mentor but a true friend to each of her students. She is personally vested in each one of the students in her studio. We will be forever grateful to both Kelly and Anton. 

Randy and Jan Nelson – parents of Clare Nelson, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Music Education at Oklahoma State University

Having Mrs. Himes as my vocal coach my senior year was the most refreshing and eye-opening performance training that I've ever experienced. Not only was she able to scientifically figure out what was amiss in my vocal cords but she was able to show me how to correct it myself. Through many lessons and personally assisting me in reaching new vocal "Heights".  I am grateful every day about the semester of lessons I took with Mrs. Himes.

Lorens Portalatin,  CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, Actress and Singer

When I first found out that I had to take voice lessons I was so nervous, twenty five minutes of just me and another person in a room alone was a scary thought. When I walked into Mrs.Himes’ studio for the first time she made me feel so at home and that only grew with my time in the studio. Mrs.Himes and I walked through many experiences together, voice and non-voice related and she was always there for me to bring me out stronger on the other end. Mrs.Himes always pushed me to achieve a new level of performance and wasn’t afraid to point out where I was flawed in order to help me grow those areas. My time in her studio has shaped me into a better performer, singer, and person and I wouldn’t change anything about our time together. 

Amanda Buchholz, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Urban Ministry in Los Angeles

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Mrs. Himes for all four years of high school. Not only is she an exceptional teacher, but an amazing person. I personally believe that her biggest strength is her ability to care for the singer before the song, meaning that the student as a person takes precedence over the student as a performer. The performance and music education is important, yes, but if the person is isn't okay, the music won't be okay, and she recognizes this and does what she can to help both be extraordinary. She is excellent at picking repertoire and a wiz at the science behind what happens to the body during singing. Each and every one of her students makes a noticeable improvement each year in their singing and performing abilities. I would recommend her to anyone.

Emily Warnick, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Massage Therapy


Dear Mrs. Himes-
Thank you for being Brayden’s voice coach for the last two years. My only regret is that he didn’t join your studio sooner! With the help of your studio, his voice is much stronger, his diction is much crisper, and his stage performance is of a more professional level. Thank you for allowing Brayden to be himself.  To explore new pieces and change mid- stream if he “just wasn’t’ feeling it.” Your patience and dedication allowed him to get out of his comfort zone and explore pieces that he might not have tried other wise. Thank you teaching him how to properly care for his voice in order to avoid voice exhaustion. You have taught him that it is important to always give your best performance no matter what might be going on in life or how tired you may be. When he had college auditions, you walked him through what to expect so that he was relaxed and fully prepared! We are grateful for the time you have invested in our son!
The Gibsons, parents of Brayden, CHS and Himes Studio graduate, studying Theater Tech at Texas State


Kelly Himes is the Wonder Woman of Vocal/Speech therapy and singing in general. Her Lasso of Truth brings out the sincerity of your performance and what your voice is actually supposed to sound like. Analogies aside, Mrs. Himes really is an expert in her field. If you have a question about how your voice "works," then she is fully prepared to demonstrate all the technicalities of speaking and singing with informative media or hand diagrams. This is what makes Mrs. Himes a standout among voice teachers. She believes knowledge is power. "Who is the composer of this song? In what era did it originate? By golly, what does this song even mean?!" She may not say things like "by golly," but there are many quirks to Kelly Himes that not only make her a fun, attentive teacher but also a loving, relatable person. I have had the honor of having her as my teacher for four years, and I would recommend her to any student willing to improve their musical abilities while having a little bit of fun along the way.

Alexis Nguyen, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Choral Conducting and Music Education at Southern Methodist University 


​Himes studio is a very positive studio that anyone would be lucky to be in. Mrs. Himes is a very talented teacher and does nothing but encourages her students to be the best performers they can be. Every one of her students has a special place in her heart and she invests a lot of time into shaping them into wonderful performers. I have nothing but positive things to say about Mrs. Himes and her studio! It was a blessing to be able to be a part of it for three years, and I would not be where I am today vocally had she not been my teacher.

Briana George, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Ministry at the University of Oklahoma; Praise and Worship Leader


I have two daughters that have been lucky enough to be a part of Himes Music Studio.   My oldest daughter had her first voice recital just 3 months after she started training with Ms. Himes . I was blown away at the difference in just a few lessons. Ms. Himes goes above and beyond to make sure her students have the proper training and technique at the same time always being cautious and aware of her students vocal health. She has given both my girls opportunities to perform and train with professionals in master classes and competitions. Ms. Himes takes the time to really get to know her students and has come to be a very special person in my daughters lives. We LOVE Himes Music Studio!

Sonya Hardy, mother of Makinna (studying Theater at OU) and Hollind (current student) 

I had the privilege of working with Mrs. Himes for all four years of high school. Coming into the studio my freshman year was daunting, as I knew Mrs. Himes’ high level of expertise and was unsure if I would ever be able to match her expectations. However, her vast knowledge of vocal technique increased my vocal ability, which dramatically increased my confidence. Mrs. Himes encouraged me to accomplish tasks that I never believe I could. Mrs. Himes is truly a rare kind of teacher and woman. She is not only a passionate and professional teacher, but is also genuinely interested in getting to know her students well – ultimately leading to mutual trust and respect. I strongly recommend her to all singers of all skill levels. I now look forward to participating in vocal performance groups throughout my time in college. I am sure Mrs. Himes’ brilliant work and advice will continue to guide me into future success. I am forever grateful to have been a student of hers!

Ambriehl Turrentine, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Broadcast Journalism at the University of Missouri

Mrs. Himes, an Incredible Voice Teacher ~

When I started taking voice lessons with Mrs. Himes, I was a junior in high school and I had been in choir for a few years.  In voice lessons I learned that I could do more than just sing. My singing improved, but that was only a small part of what I was taught. The biggest thing that happened was that I learned to perform, and not in a group of people, but on a stage front and center, on my own. During my time as Mrs. Himes student, my confidence in my singing ability grew, and I improved as a singer and a performer. Mrs. Himes turned a quiet young choir boy into a performer and I’m glad that I had her as a voice teacher.

James Alex Bullington, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Psychology and Chinese at the University of Pittsburg


Voice lessons with Ms. Himes was nothing short of an inspiration to our son Nicholas.  We were completely unaware of the hidden vocal talents that Nicholas possessed, but believed that vocal lessons would be a positive step to assist him with his desire to excel in school choir.  He began this transformational journey only two years ago with little confidence, or experience in his singing abilities.  Ms. Himes recognized his hidden talent and was able to develop him into a confident vocalist that looks forward for solo opportunities to showcase his newfound abilities.  His time with Ms. Himes has also improved overall confidence in himself that transcends all facets of his life.  As Nicholas’ parents, Carla and I strongly believe that Ms. Himes made a profound positive difference for our son.

Carla Ashley, mother of Nicholas, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate studying Pharmacology at St. Edward's University

Starting choir junior year felt like a really late start to begin lessons, I never realized how much I could progress in such a short amount of time. I was shy, at first, but when you apply yourself and work hard at something you want to get better at, you end up getting a lot better. Sophomore year, before I tried out for show choir, I never even thought about joining choir. That is the craziest idea to me! Choir changed my whole high school career and voice lessons was one of my favorite parts about it! Getting super personal lessons with Mrs. Himes is so beneficial. She helped me develop my voice and introduce me to so many new things I didn't even think about doing. I definitely wish I would have joined private lessons a lot sooner to see how much farther I could have taken it! 

If someone is even thinking about taking choir or just private lessons, I would completely encourage it. The opportunities that presented themselves after I became invested in getting better are incredible. Although you may be shy, I promise lessons help crack your shell. I remember my first recital I was so nervous because it was my first time singing a solo in front of more than one person. I promise it's worth getting out of your comfort zone because there are only good things that can come out of it! I mean, who doesn't like someone who sings? 
Nicholas Ashley, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Pharmacology 

My journey with Mrs. Himes began just about a year ago.  I had already been taking voice lessons for 3 years with another teacher and although I was content with that other teacher, I was having some vocal issues in which no one I consulted could find a solution.  Then Mrs. Himes offered her help and expertise and soon enough we began working on my vocal issues.  During our lessons, she would always had me analyze what I was doing and explain to me anything that I didn't understand and because of her openness, caring personality and sense of humor, made  it easy to communicate to her anything that I needed to.  Like I said before, it has been a year since I had begun my lessons with Mrs. Himes and I have felt that I have truly improved a lot during that time and even discovered things about myself and my voice that I didn't know existed. My experience being in her studio was truly a great one and I know I will carry her lessons with me as long as I have music in my heart.

Tanya Melendez, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Musical  Education at UNT


While I was unable to work with Mrs. Himes very long, the opportunity to work with her for just a few months was extremely beneficial! I was auditioning for musical theatre programs in various colleges, and Mrs. Himes insight was wonderful. I learned that the songs I had chosen were not considered "appropriate" choices for collegiate level auditions. Within just a couple weeks, she helped me find and work two entirely new pieces. I was able to expand my repertoire with 5 new songs (through auditions, NATS, and Broadway recital). The amount of work and dedication Mrs. Himes puts into her studio is astounding. She works very hard to give techniques and advice that will improve the singer. She accepted me under her wing,in the middle of the school year, and I'm  so very grateful. I learned so much under her direction, and I would strongly recommend her to any singer that wants to improve and work under a teacher who really knows her stuff (and is also incredibly nice and supportive.)

Vivian Glazier, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate studying Musical Theater at OU


I absolutely loved getting the chance to be in Mrs.Himes studio this year. She helps you become a better singer. I made a lot of progress this year and it wouldn't have been possible without her help. Mrs Himes challenges you to try new things with your voice, and helps out a lot along the way. She cares about her students very much, has such a kind heart, and you can tell how much she loves her job. I'm truly disappointed I wasn't able to be in Himes studio all four years of high school, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to do it my senior year. 

Silvia Sparks, CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, studying Criminology at DBU


Mrs. Himes did a fantastic job accompanying our middle school band students at solo and ensemble contest.  She was very patient with the students and worked enthusiastically with them to achieve a high level of musicianship.  She went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that the students were successful during their performance.  Many of our students were playing solos for the first time and she made them feel relaxed and confident on their big day.  We were very grateful to have Mrs. Himes share her gift with our students!

Jennifer Stokes, Director of Trinity Bands, Keller Independent School District



Mrs. Himes always made music a fun and diverse experience. While she let me pick songs that I was interested in singing, she also stretched my musical mind by giving me challenging and different music to perform. Her recitals were always so much fun…and impressive! She taught me how to sing healthily but still have that soulful edge in my voice that I love. She taught me how to be passionate about all kinds of music, from opera to pop. As a vocal songwriting major at BYU, I can honestly say that I use the techniques and styles that Kelly taught me every single day. Her spunky personality combined with her extensive knowledge of voice technique makes her the perfect music teacher!

Heather Neeley, former student, graduated from BYU with degree in Music Media




Amanda has taken lessons for several years now, I also took lessons for several years when I was in high school and college and I was in a quartet group for several years when I was in college. I am telling you this so that you will know that I know a little bit about voice lessons. She has learned a good bit and has grown as a singer. This year she has grown above and beyond where she was last year. I know that it is a process but honestly I believe she has learned more this year than ever before. She has grown into a wonderful talented singer and I believe we have you to thank for this. I really just wanted to say thank you for all time and hard work you have dedicated to our daughter Amanda.


Billy Mayhall, parent of student (Amanda is a CHS and Himes Studio Graduate, now studying "rocket science" at LSU and singing in top auditioned choirs)


Jacey started singing and performing when she was 11 years old.  Musical theatre quickly became her passion and has consumed her life for the past 6 years.  Jacey LOVES being on stage but has struggled with her confidence in her vocal abilities.  There were many times after a recital or performance when Jacey was in tears because her voice wouldn’t cooperate and do what she knew it could do.  Sometimes she was hoarse or lost her voice when she needed it to be at its best!  Jacey didn’t understand what was going on with her vocal health, so…

We visited her GP doctor to see about allergy medicine to help with what we thought was constant post nasal drip from allergies.  After two years of trying every allergy drug, Jacey was still struggling with her vocal health.   I finally got a referral to see an Allergy specialist and he tested her for all the common allergens.  And guess what?  She isn’t allergic to anything!  But, after listening to Jacey’s concerns, he thought Jacey might have GERD.  Jacey started on reflux medicine and surprisingly it did help reduce the post nasal drip.  

Things were looking up and Jacey was feeling good about her vocal abilities.  She started to be able to do things with her voice that she hadn’t been able to do before.  Unfortunately, it was short lived.  After performing a lead role in the school musical her voice was really hurting and she didn’t understand why she had lost a lot of her vocal range in the course of a few months.  We visited an ENT who said Jacey had “trauma” to her vocal cords and recommended she visit a speech pathologist to learn to use her voice more efficiently/correctly.  This meant driving to Dallas every week!  Really?  She was slowly giving up her dream of pursuing musical theatre/acting in college because she thought she couldn’t physically do it.  

This is where Kelly Himes came into the picture.  Thank goodness!  By the grace of God, Kelly became a VERY important part of Jacey’s life, both emotionally and educationally.  With Kelly being a licensed speech pathologist and her current work with voice disorders, Jacey and Kelly were meant for each other!  Kelly has taught Jacey how to use proper voice techniques.  Jacey is using her voice correctly now and not straining or damaging her vocal chords.  The progress I have seen in Jacey the past eight months is truly unbelievable.  No more vocal pain, hoarseness, or tears after singing!   Also, Jacey is not taking any medications anymore.  Hallelujah!  I love the sparkle in her eyes when she sings, the confidence she has in her vocal instrument, and her renewed passion for performing is such a great gift to me as a mom!  Thank you Kelly!

Kim Sheets, Jacey’s madre (Jacey is a CHS and Himes Studio Graduate who studied Musical Theater at NYU on her way to becoming a Theatrical Make-Up Artist)



My daughter, Jamie, has been taking private voice lessons with Kelly for over 2 years now. The difference our family has seen in Jamie's level of confidence and heard in her singing performances is undeniable.

From the very beginning Kelly invested herself in Jamie. Having seen her relationship with many of her other students I can vouch that this is her way with all her students. She takes the time to form a relationship with each child, to not only learn their individual strengths and weaknesses, but their likes and dislikes. She cares about what is happening in their lives and realizes anything and everything can effect a student's view of and confidence in their capabilities.

Kelly saw potential in Jamie and continues to gently yet firmly coach her to perform to her capabilities.  She analyzes when it is best to push and when it is time to back off a bit.  She also has helped Jamie not to judge her own performances by comparing them to someone else's, and again, I can see she works to instill this way of thinking in all her students. The results have spilled over into every area of Jamie's life and she is much more confident of herself altogether. She is not prideful, but believes about herself what Kelly knew all along.

Kelly strives to accommodate her students' busy schedules and stays in communication with the parent(s).

I would wholeheartedly recommend private voice or piano lessons with Kelly to anyone  -  beginners, seasoned performers looking to be even better, or those somewhere in-between.

Jennifer Gaines, parent of student (Jamie is a CHS and Himes Studio Graduate working on the leadership team of the creative arts group Kid Stand)



Faith has always been so shy, but you put her on a stage and ask her to sing and she would just do it. No problem. Faith loved singing in elementary and in Middle school. When Faith was going into the 9th grade at Central High School, she knew she needed help in getting her voice were she wanted it to be and when we chose to enroll her in voice lessons we knew Kelly was the right fit for Faith.


Faith has taken lessons with Kelly for 4 years. Faith was shy and Kelly had the energy and vocal knowledge to reach inside Faith and bring out that energy and the vocals we knew Faith had. Kelly could reach Faith better than anyone could. Faith understood her teaching and always wanted Kelly to push her a little more, teach her more, help her more and Kelly always knew exactly how and when it was necessary and possible. Kelly helped Faith reach inside herself  and not be so shy and helped Faith be able to sing to an audience by letting the audience in and being more confidence with herself. It’s not something I can explain on how Kelly did that nor is it something Faith can explain but we’ve both agreed that Kelly just opens up herself to you in a way that shows you that it’s ok to express yourself and let people in.


During Faith's Sophomore year she was having so much trouble with sinus’s and her vocals were struggling and we continued to have to “rest” her voice and Faith was always at the doctor. Finally during the summer before her junior year we decided to have Faiths tonsils taken out and Kelly suggested that we see a specialist in Dallas to see if he thought this would hurt her vocals and to make sure it would be the best for her medically. We took that advice and the doctor did agree that this was the best route to go and upon further exam told us by tests run that no harm had been done to her vocal cords to date and that this surgery would possibly change Faiths vocal range. Sure enough it did change Faiths vocal range as she was able to reach notes she had never been able to prior to the surgery.


With Kelly’s background and license in speech pathology she was able to teach Faith how to use these new vocals without damaging them and how to introduce them slowly. Kelly worked patiently with Faith and as always knew when enough was just enough.

Kelly has not only been a voice lesson instructor to Faith but she has also been a mentor. Kelly doesn’t put it down at the end of the day. Kelly thinks about “her kids” 24/7. I know Kelly has been known to be driving down the road listening to music and all of the sudden saying out loud “This would be a great song for Faith”. I also know that when Faith had to be out the summer for her surgery and would not be able to sing during the summer sessions Kelly was on the phone with me while we decided the pros and cons on whether Faith could still sing or of it would be better served for Faith to take the summer off. (Kelly was driving home on a hot summer day and pulled over on the side of the road to have this conversation with me)


There are few people that can enter your life and make such a lasting impression but I can assure you that Kelly has done that for Faith and for me as a parent. We can never thank her enough for the last 4 years and I know Kelly will always be teaching Faith. Faith will continue to remember the things Kelly has taught her and will continue to learn and grow through Kelly’s teaching.


I am forever grateful to Kelly for all she has done for Faith. Kelly will always be a true friend and it has been an honor and pleasure to be apart of her studio.

Jackie Hill, Faith’s Mom (Faith is a CHS and Himes Studio Graduate)


Kelly is an energetic and passionate voice and piano teacher!  Her attitude is contagious and she helped our daughter tremendously.  She took private voice lessons for 2 years in high school and improved her singing voice so much during that time.  Kelly helped our daughter find her voice and gain confidence for performing through voice recitals.  When she started lessons she already loved singing, but Kelly helped her to improve so much that she eventually decided to study music therapy in college!

Susan Whitely, parent of graduated student now studying music theater in college


I have had the great privilege of accompanying Kelly on different occasions.  She is incredibly talented.  But the most important thing is her spirit. Kelly is completely approachable and spends her time trying to help those around her rather than demanding the attention herself.  I find her so refreshing and alot of fun.  I look forward to working with her again.

Linda Jenkins, Pianist, White's Chapel UMC


Learning from Mrs. Himes always seemed far too easy to believe. Her sharp humor and focus kept me on my toes, and she never missed a beat. I loved music more and more each time she showed me just how much music was out there and just how far I could stretch my limitations.

Nothing was ever too frustrating or too difficult. Mrs. Himes knew how to make learning an experience to which I could look forward, and I grew to love every aspect of the art. I'll never forget how she changed the way I see music.

Max Bullard, former student now studying Neurolinguistics at Notre Dame, and singing in their world renowned Glee Club



I began my voice lessons with Kelly this past summer with uncertainty about what I was getting myself into. I had taken lessons with her 2 years prior, but this time, I would be preparing for a recital at the end of summer. Singing has always been something I’ve enjoyed but it has also been a very private form of self-expression for me. When Kelly asked if I would like to be a part of the recital, I was excited and terrified at the same time. I knew that this could be a great opportunity to improve my vocal skills, but it took a lot of time for me to accept the offer because I have always avoided performing in front of other people. 

During voice lessons, Kelly was encouraging, challenging, and wanted the songs I sang to be meaningful and full of self-expression. I could tell that she cared for me as an individual and she understood the insecurities I felt toward performing. When it came time for the recital, I felt that all the voice lessons and hard-work prepared me well. Kelly’s enthusiasm toward my improvements and her confidence in me to be successful in the recital gave me the confidence I needed in myself to sing in front of other people. 

Hannah Meadows, college student



Mrs. Himes is a very special music teacher.  She has taught  our daughter piano for 2 1/2 years and is now teaching her voice as well.  Kelly works very hard and diligently with Kendall and she has learned so much. Kelly has not only shown the techniques of playing the piano, but has given the little life lessons, such as hard work pays off, you can do anything you want to do and the joy of music.  It is amazing that a teacher can have an impact on our daughter that she requests to practice more.  Kelly has made learning so enjoyable that it is more fun now for Kendall than work.  Kelly has given her so much in so little time that she will take through her life.  Thank you from all of us.

Mark and Honey Van Dyke, parents of student



Besides being a kind, loving, and understanding person, Kelly is musically gifted and an excellent teacher!   Her education credentials and teaching experiences speak for themselves!  With her grace, patience, wonderful sense of humor, and deep passion for music,  she continues to inspire, teach, and reach a variety of students, young or old!!  

God bless you dearest, Professor Kelly,

Bobbi Dunbar, White’s Chapel  United Methodist Church choir member


My junior year I walked into your studio a nervous-wreck, but eager to learn. I spent that year trying to find my musically-inclined self and challenging myself beyond measures I’d never explored. In that year I found someone I’d been looking for, for a very long time.  You spoke to me through the music and taught me that it was okay to want this path. 

 My senior year has been a new experience altogether.  I walked into your studio this year with the confidence and stride I did not have the year before. I knew my voice and who I was and what I wanted to do.   This year was to set myself up for the rest of my life.  I still have a long way to go, but I am now heading in the right direction.   I will never forget any of your teachings. 

You not only accomplished your goal, to teach me music, but have gone above and beyond. You’ve given me, myself and in return the only thing I can think of to give to you is the knowledge that because of you I will be pursuing music in college. Because I’m me, I’m not quite sure what direction music will take me,  but I do know that it is the right path. 

I could not have asked for more from any other teacher.  Thank you so, so much.

Ashly Blake, former student now studying Vocal Performance with an emphasis in Opera Studies at William Jewel



Kelly's influence on my daughter has been phenomenal. My daughter, Ashly, is currently majoring in music and strives in everything she does due to her music background. Kelly instructed Ashly in voice, piano and vocal health. Through vocal health, Ashly has fewer headaches and her voice sounds confident and less strained.  I am very thankful for Kelly's instructions and influence on my daughter. 

Holly Blake, Ashly’s Mom