By Finley Sehorn, who taught me more about teaching fearlessly and making music boldly simply because every time I'd say, " one does this.  Especially not a new singer.  I mean, it's absolutely crazy. want to try it?", he'd reply, "Sure!  Why not!??!"


Beginning my freshman year in high school, I always knew I wanted to be involved in music. I began high school in band and would continue that for the rest of the time being. Little did I know, band was going to take me to something I hadn’t done in a while, singing. When I was in middle school I loved to sing, I did the whole musical theater scene and all that jazz. But during my 8th grade year I had to leave and move to Texas, thus ending my singing life due to the fact I had to adjust to an entirely knew area of the country. 
Sophomore year I was introduced to Jazz band, which in turn lead me to play in the accompanying band for Voices of Central, the school’s show choir. After becoming friends with the people and realizing how much I truly missed singing, I signed up for choir for my junior year. This proved to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school, period.

During the summer between sophomore and junior year I needed to attend “Super Saturday”, registration for choir. Among all the things you had to do at Super Saturday, you also had the opportunity to sign up for a voice lesson teacher. I believe I was about to sign up for any random lesson teacher or I was forced to choose anyone with a free schedule. Never the less, a very outgoing lady approached me, whom I had never met before.  She was kind enough to make room in her schedule for me, I believe her reasoning for it was “I hear you are in band, and I speak band, so I figure you’d want me to help you”. Obviously I couldn’t resist this considering I didn’t even know the first thing about choir.
 After time had gone by and school had begun, a few weeks into junior year was a little stressful for me in my lessons because I had no idea what was going on. On top of working on a recital piece, I had agreed to do all state with few weeks to prepare. This ended up not being too shocking; it became a norm in my lessons for me to go for anything and everything there was to do in the choral world. It was never a surprise when there was an opportunity for me to sing or learn a new piece that I was willing to do anything I could to learn more music and improve.
By time I had become comfortable with Mrs. Himes I had realized I had never had a better teacher. There was never a teacher that encouraged me to do everything and further instill a notion of “why not”. Everything in my lessons was based off of “why not”. Why not do all state, why not do solo and ensemble, why not do NATS, why not do anything there was to gain experience and improve on the most important thing, the music. 
Unfortunately, as fate would have it, I had to move before the end of my first semester of my senior year.  Turns out it was good that I had done everything I could in my lessons my junior year, considering there wouldn’t be an opportunity to do them senior year. I knew that moving to another state was not going to be of any shock to me, but I also knew the thing I was going to miss the most was singing in my lessons. Being able to truly pour your own expression into a piece is what music is all about. Music is art and style; I was able to become an artist with the pieces she gave me.
As I move on from high school to college, I will never forget the lady who “spoke band”, the lady that plucked me out of the group and gave me a chance to open myself back up to another world of music I had been missing. I was able to realize one of my true passions, performing, being on a stage or just in front of a crowd and putting my art out there for everyone to hear. I will one-day credit Mrs. Himes for my inevitable fame, which she knew I was obsessed with considering I mentioned it quite often.
 In the end, the Himes studio became more of a place of peace. I am very thrilled to have spent the time I did there, but alas my time was up and it was time for a new chapter of my life to begin. However, for the foreseeable future, I will probably never forget the time spent with the great, Kelly Himes.